Living with IBD: Foods

Hi everyone.

Everybody thinks that people with IBD don't live a normal life, which is not true.

A normal life is possible

Telling you about myself, I came to know that I had IBD back in Sep'14 and today I am writing this story more than 6 years later. And the good thing is I am living a very normal and healthy life.

Medication and a different diet can work

Well, medication is important to have that I cannot get rid of even though I'd love to. I am taking it religiously on a daily basis. Also, I am eating my meals on a regular basis with no problems during these years. So, let me disclose my eating habits that may help you as well.

I am eating more often vegetarian food. In general avoiding red meat, like beef.

If I eat non-veg then I am inclined more towards fish or chicken. When I woke up in the morning first thing I have is 2-3 almonds. After that, I drink tea along with toast.

Sometimes in the morning, I eat an apple as well. I found that an apple is one of the best fruits for bowel movements.

During lunch, I eat rice and fish/chicken with curry.

Similar food during dinner as well. In the evening I also have some light food or fruit like a banana. I avoid drinking milk or soft-drinks because the very moment I drink it, I feel the need to go to the toilet.

Alcohol and oil impacts bowel movements

Also, alcohol is not good for me, it gives me bad bowel movements. I avoid eating foods with too much oil as well.

I hope this could help you as well.

Stay healthy!

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