Long Long Crohn's journey

My story started in the mid 1980s. Incredible stomach pains, went into shock, crash team saved me. I had many tests and I was told it was IBS.

I continued on with many bouts of sickness and diarrhea. Next day, all joints were affected. Some pain continued till 2017 just as I retired. Needed to visit the loo, passed out, cracked my ribs and hit my stomach very hard.

After this time all symptoms disappeared. My doctor sent me to a gastrologist who gave me at least five colonoscopies, each time a different result no problem, ulcerative colitis, aphthous ulcerations and finally Crohn's disease. 2018 they gave me budesonide steroids and a drug call methotrexate. Side effects were joint pain and terrific pain in my teeth so I stopped it.

Biologic Therapies for Crohn's

I continued on with no symptoms at all. Ate what I liked, no side effects at all. 2021 a new specialist came on the scene. Another MRI and he then said he could see 60-80 cm inflammation in my small bowel. He said it was prudent to put me on biologic medicine. First Ustekinumab jabs which made me feel depressed and my teeth were affected worse than before and I felt ill beyond belief. I was then put on adalimumab and still taking it now. Severe back pains, burning stomach, joints aches, teeth still killing me {gum shield to protect them)

Over this time all the above has lost me my employment ( poor health ) even so, I kept management jobs for over 46 years. The strain on my marriage was great (stressful job and poor ill health). Heart Attack, triple bypass, type 2 diabetes...

I am trying to illustrate that as a human's we can withstand many trials and tribulations and that we should never give up, even at times we may feel like it.

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