Long and Weary Road

My name is Vanessa. I was diagnosed with UC in 1990 after visiting my deployed husband in Singapore. 10 days after returning I was bleeding rectally and in the fetal position on the couch in severe pain. Then I found out I was pregnant. Within weeks I was on my first of 2...6 week hospital stays. Ate nothing for 6 weeks. .only ice chips. My husband came back to this and his own PTSD..needless to say we were divorced by the time my son was 4. I had a high risk pregnancy, and we both almost died. Was in and out of hospitals, got a Hickman catheter in my chest which ended up with a staph infection, and many emergency visits. Luckily my son was born perfect!

Had an ileostomy and most of my colon taken out and months later had to have my left hip replaced because the prednisone wrecked it. I've had several replacements and dislocations since. My UC went into remission for almost 22 years and then the week before thanksgiving 2012 i was in the hospital with a terrible infection which kept me in there 2 weeks and was diagnosed with Crohn's. My grown son is now an EMT because of what he has seen me go through. He wants to help others.

For the last 4 years I've have constant flare ups and I'm tired of this. All I can say is I have to keep positive and enjoy my non flare days. Thank god I have a great family and friends and especially my wonderful son who is my rock.

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