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Mine keeps on going…

Well, I’ve always had tummy trouble, constipation, diarrhea, blood in my stool, upset tummy, ext. Well in 2009 I was getting ready for work, I wasn’t feeling good that morning, nausea and some cramping, so I took a hot bath. I ended up vomiting and passing out in the tub. Mom instantly thought it was my appendix. She rushed me to the ER. They ran test after test. When they finally came back, they told me the results they said it was thickening in my intestines. That means it could be anywhere from an infection or cancer. They admitted me. Did a colonoscopy, and I was diagnosed with crohns. I lived with it for 4 years then I couldn’t keep anything down. Throwing up or pooping out anything I put in my body. I called my growing GI dr and they want blood work done. I went and was stuck about 9 times to get a vein that would give them blood. Before I got home the dr office called me and said my WBC was way elevated and to go and they already had the orders. They took me to my room try to start a IV and the same nurse tried and stuck me 12 times and couldn’t get it stared. They got a ICU nurse and she got it after 3 times. In the middle of the night I blew. I ended up having to have a pic line. The kept me there for about a week and a half and they found I had a perforation in my bowel. They did emergency surgery. I had 10 inches plus my appendix taken out. When the pathology came back I was told I had the very early stages of ovarian cancer.
It was found on the outside of my intestines. They keep me a week more then sent me home. Not even 3 hours of being home we had to call the ambulance to come picked me up. I get back to the er and they can’t figure out what wrong. They give me pain meds. I really don’t remember a lot of that. I do know I went to ICU. And CCU. And I stayed at the hospital close to my home but my GI dr transferred me to UNC Chapel Hill GI ward to help me get back on my feet. There’s more after that but it’s about other health problems…I do know this it can always get worse, and someone can always have it worse than you… and to those of you who think you can’t pull through? You can! You can! You and your body are so much stronger than you think you are!

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    11 months ago

    Wow, what a story. You are so incredibly strong and it is nothing short of inspiring that you remain positive despite your trials. I hope you are doing better these days. Thinking of you!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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