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Miss Fisty

Being a Crohn’s fighter since age 19, at age 35 I was a pro…sorry, a “bowel Queen”, when this short but timeless story occurred.
My friends decided to renew their wedding vows. During this time my major complications were fistulas (aka Miss Fisty, a proper name I referred to as needed). Which secreted mainly air/gas bubbles, so springing a leak wasn’t a main concern.
In front of only myself and their 16 yr old daughter.
Fully aware of my condition. Mid vow exchange, my fistulas decided to be apart of the ceremony, therefore, in a silent church occupied with only 5 people, a loud and echoing raspberry sound startled us all (I believe it even rattled the church). Laughter immediately followed, and is still talked about as Miss Fisty stole the spotlight.

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  • ashleyf moderator
    2 months ago

    I really love and appreciate how you find the humor in this story Lisa- especially with the names you’ve given yourself! Thank you for sharing your confidence, and hopefully helping others be able to find the humor in their experiences- because sometimes a good laugh can help the uncontrollable and unexpected be just a little bit easier. Keep on fighting, queen! -Ashley (Team Member)

  • BeautifullyBrokenLisaMo author
    2 months ago

    Awwww you made my day!!!! Thank you for reading my silliness!!! ☮️☯️

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