Mountain Mel

Hi, all. Just joined the site this evening. First diagnosed in 1985, 2 rejections over the years, and currently on humira every two weeks. Thought I was doing great, but diarrhea is back, plus bad bleeding most likely from hemorrhoids. Fun week coming up, getting blood transfusion Wednesday as my hemoglobin is 7.1, and first of three hemorrhoid bandings the following day. I also suffer from traveling joint pain, though the past few days have been fine. Not really sure this is from CD or the humira, but it's super frustrating. I have lived most of my life as though I was disease free as far as eating and drinking. At 59, and having the issues I've been having past few months, I think it may be time to restrategize. I've done so well outside of the two surgeries. I don't have ab pain at all, just the recent onset of joint pain.

Well, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to learning my way around the site.


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