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My Battle And Success With Crohns

First of all I do not claim to be unique. I have read many stories and can relate to most of them. So I will share mine— and maybe some of you will relate and maybe benefit in some way. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 1979. However, I believe that it was lurking much further back. I was in basic training in the Army.

I am a Vietnam Veteran— I was having severe pain in my stomach. Of coarse I thought that was due to many things (So did the Army). Nerves, bad food, stomach flu— well the Army had it figured it out (Ha). Of coarse I went to base hospitals. At that time most doctors were clueless and did not waste time trying to figure what was wrong with me. My pain turned into panic attacks and anxiety because I began to think I might be dying from something. Moving ahead in time after the Army– to 1979. I was in a fetal position from the pain and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. From 175 pound to 99 pounds.

My was was told I might not survive the surgery. Of course I am alive. My appendix, cecum, ilium and several feet of intestines later here I am. I have had a reconnect since this. My Crohns was so aggressive I was put on Remicade,and now on Humira. Now let’s back up— in 2010 I had my thyroid removed for cancer. In 2014 I had my right kidney removed. In 2017 I had a kidney stone removed. from 2000 to 2017 I have been hospitalized for every thing from urinary infections, diverticulitis, high blood pressure and lets not forget my permanent Cocci fungus disease (Valley Fever) I am being treated for. I averaged 15-20 days a year in the hospital.

Now for the good news. Yes there is good news. Just my opinion— and you all may have all known this, but without my faith in God— Yea that’s right God and a positive attitude I do not know if I would be here. Since I am a professional Jazz musician by trade this helped me quite a bit. My stress was reduced from playing music.

I eat dark fruits, all I can get. Of course I stay away from anything that may be to hard to digest or cause inflammation. Probiotics, reduce stress, a lot of water and a full complement of natural grown vitamins. Meditation has helped me. I also use CBD oil (Pure Hemp Oil). Now I want to say— that it works for me. I do not claim anything except to say it works in reducing my pain and stress. Lastly I exercise. I am leading a relatively normal life that lets me function and enjoy my life. I have been on Humira for many years. Now I do not want to say that Humira and Remicade caused my cancer and loss of kidney— because I do not know that. But I can say this Crohns has caused my bone loss, weight loss and my immune system of coarse makes me susceptible to catching everything possible. In closing— I would just like to add that I know every clean bathroom in the State Of Arizona and which restaurants are clean in any other state. A little Crohns humor. God bless you all as you manage your fight with Crohns.

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  • SusanHU
    2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your story Drmunch and my apologies for the delay in responding. It sounds like you have been through a lot but have been able to maintain a positive outlook – which we know is not easy at all! I know some of our other community members could benefit from insight on that – do you have advice on remaining positive in the face of all these challenges? – Susan ( Team Member)

  • Donnamichele
    2 years ago

    What have u used to gain weight

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