Always Check For Toilet Paper In Public Restrooms

My favorite short story was being in a six-room restroom that had a hall with individual doors; I forgot to check under the counter to make sure it had more toilet paper; I went there every day when I was still working.

Of course, I ran out of paper, so I had to listen hard to make sure no one was in the little hallway between the stalls, which were like a nice-sized closet bathroom with a sink.

Then I had to redress and run across the hall to the next stall to use it because it had more toilet tissue, of course. Now keep in mind I had to undress each time to keep my clothes from getting soiled; it was that bad because I had to try to go back to work if possible.

So yes, I really get what you go through. I was undiagnosed for over 20yrs. I was told my job had me stressed out; Dr's have attempted to write prescriptions for anxiety and or depression meds, I refused and suffered in silence until my body gave out, and they had to admit I had Colitis; it was a relief to get a diagnosis, but sad to know I had to break down and get a Colostomy. Now Corky the Stoma and I are healing nicely.

My Lifestyle is much better; of course, I still have problems, but nothing like it was before my surgery one year ago this month.

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