My life with crohns

Hi my name is Sarah I got diagnosed with crohns when I was 18 and just two days after I got diagnosed I turned 19 when I got diagnosed my daughter had only been 3 months old I was in and out of the hospital because my crohns wasn't under control at that point I look back and think is there something that I could have done to prevent it? I started to lose all this weight I was throwing up after almost every meal and running to the bathroom I was so sick of being sick and dealing with the pain that I was like God please take me I can't deal with this for the rest of my life in June of 2015 I went into the hospital for a flare up the day I got released I went back in 2 hours later for really bad pains it felt like I was having a heart attack I was having trouble breathing so my fiancé rushed me to the emergency room and the doctor that had saw me during the week while I was in the hospital said to me I think we need to do surgery so I prepared myself to go in I went in for surgery around 9-9:30 that night and I woke up and it was Tuesday my surgery was Sunday I found out when I woke up that I was in the icu and that I had two surgerys in less then 24 hours I was so swollen that they couldn't close me up I found out that I had a hole in my intestine and that they removed it I'm so thankful for God that he helped me but now I had an even bigger battle I had to heal and recover while being a mom to my 2 year old daughter I was crying when I came home because she didn't come up to me she didn't know me because I had been gone for over a week I couldn't even pick her up because I could only lift 15 pounds and it was summer time while everyone was swimming I was at home resting and healing and I also had to learn to cope with now I have a huge scar on my belly that is huge and I wasn't uset to it if you want to know the rest feel free to message me

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