Mild Ulcerative Colitis for 28 Years

I had no choice, I had to work. So when I was diagnosed with this incurable disease, I looked to natural herbs and supplements.

Here's what helped me

The first thing I tried were high fiber tablets so that when I had to do number two, I didn't sit on the pot all day. That worked well, and I still do high fiber today. Just a few times, and I was done for the day.

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If it was time to go to work, I would also take kopectate, which would slow down my symptoms. I tried a lot of different things. Nothing helped until I tried probiotics. Once a month I take one probiotic pill.

Then, I read about black seed oil (an anti-inflammatory) in a natural supplement article. I started taking it first thing every morning. I take 1/4 of an eye dropper in my mouth and a big gulp of water to wash it down. I did this every day for three years, and my symptoms got milder.

How I'm doing now

I went to once a week and my symptoms stayed the same, very mild. My last colonoscopy was ten years ago, and my disease was spreading. I had one done a year ago and only have one small spot.

I hope that my story will help some one. This is a very hard disease to live with.

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