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New Diagnosis and Learning

I am so glad I found this site! I was starting to feel like I was crazy I have always had a problem with constipation and I was just recently diagnosed with CD. I was surprised when I got it because so many who have it have consistent diarrhea. Seeing other people who don’t makes me feel a little more not crazy. I am 32 years old and there are days I feel like I can’t go and like work is impossible and I hate it because it seems so crazy to other people because when they see me they see a normal weight and seemingly healthy person. So reading all of the posts on here has made me feel a little more normal and that’s something I haven’t felt in a good while. Did it take a while for anyone else who reads this for the Dr’s to figure out what was wrong? I feel like sometimes my dr is so over scheduled that she overlooked a lot of things for a while even when I would tell her what was wrong. I had the “stomach flu” forever and then I guess I had a major flare and I went almost 2 weeks where I couldn’t keep food in; every time I’d eat if I wasn’t at a bathroom quick I pretty much went on myself. It wasn’t until I started having blood that things really got rolling and they tried to really figure out what was wrong. So now it’s all a matter of figuring things out day by day. I started going gluten free a couple months ago and that has really seemed to help some with being able to eat now if only I actually wanted to eat most days I’d be doing even better! But the best part in all of it is at least I know I do have a reason to feel like I do and in a weird way it has made me feel a little better.

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  • angeliquecruiz
    2 years ago

    Hey Leslie, I was diagnosed at 18 years old… I hear you on that, flare ups are horrible.. When I would go to the hospital when I was younger doctors said the same, stomach bug/flu. I had emergency surgery last year where they took out about 2 inches of my small intestine and 3 inches of my colon, and well once you go through one surgery you have to go through several more. They tend to save surgery for last resort. I have been a pescetarian for about 5 months now and alcohol free for 5 months as well. All I do is smoke marijuana, I know there are a lot of CBD oils, edibles, etc. that will definitely help with pains and nausea. I would say try it, to me I would rather smoke than try a million meds and face those side effects.. I’m here to talk! #CrohnsWarriors

  • Jenna Farmer moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Leslie. Welcome and I’m so glad you’ve found our site useful! I am gluten free and have found it helps too. IBD is a huge learning curve but You will get there soon I promise! Jenna ( team member)

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