New hope for control

I am a 46 year veteran of Crohn's. I am currently awaiting starting Entyvio after a colonoscopy. Having symptoms now after having to stop previous med. These biologics all have good & bad. It is imperative when considering one to get a cardiac release for the drug. I found out the hard way that some can bring on heart disease. Not saying this is absolute but it did happen to me. I got relief but other problems popped up: psoriasis & heart issues. It might not always happen. I wouldn't recommend against biologics, but they have some negatives. It's not easy managing; you all know that.

I am frustrated by having to be so inactive. I just want to move without bringing on diarrhea which is why exercise is so difficult. I want to cook a little & walk around my neighborhood. These things should not be difficult but they are. Doing my best but want more out of life. Arthritis making life difficult because of lack of meds in my system now. There is light at end of tunnel. I pray I am able to tolerate new drug and it will normalize my life. I once had a 10 yr. Remission --the good old days. Want them back.

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