Ulcerative Colitis

Hi, I'm Paul. I am 54 years old and living in Leeds. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2018 and was put on Mesalazine suppositories which, for a couple of years, worked well.

Over time, I started to lose a lot of blood and had really bad pains in my lower left abdomen. I was then put on three 800mg Mesalazine tablets tablets twice a day. This also helped, and I was in remission for the best part of a year.

Then at the end of July this year, it has flared up again. Only this time, I can't get it under control. I'm making 15+ toilet trips a day and losing blood. I feel weak and drained, and I'm struggling with everyday events.

I work but it's a struggle. I've stopped doing social events and hardly go anywhere other than work. I'm currently waiting on blood and stool sample tests to come back. I guess I'm hoping maybe it's time to try new medication.

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