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Newly diagnosed Crohnie at 31

Early 2016 I started getting a sharp pain in my right lower quadrant of my abdomen. It always came every other month during when I would be ovulating. So I assumed I had an ovarian cyst and depended an ultrasound to make sure- despite my OBGYN saying it’s not the right area.

I was referred to a GI and landed my first colonoscopy at 30 years old. How fun!

Results came back with inflammation and just a few ulcers in my ilium.

It was not significant enough to diagnose me with anything so I was told I could go on medication for my symptoms. Which I promptly denied.

I have extreme constipation. When I went to that Dr it had been 2 weeks since having a bowel movement. Which is very typical for me. And has been for years.

Fast forward a full year and I had my 2nd colonoscopy (just this June in 2017). Results came back with now ulcer count having doubled to 8 and a little more inflammation– especially in the latter part of the colon.

Biopsies confirmed I had Crohn’s and here we are. I was told it’s a mild case and that it may stay mild my whole life and have no real complications.

As I look back on my diet over the past years this is what I notice: I was a vegetarian for 7 years (since 2008) and in October 2015 I started eating poultry again. Early 2016 I started getting these pains in my intestines and a year later I have Crohn’s Disease.

I have ZERO family members with this illness. Is there a correlation to diet and getting a mild form of Crohn’s? Who knows! I think it’s pretty interesting.

So I decided to try and find a support group for people like me. So far everyone I see online has the extreme case of diarrhea and needing blood transfusions or resections. But is there anyone else like me!?! I have never felt so alone in something before. No one understands what I am going through with the pain I get (I’m assuming flare ups) and no one understands the constipation.

Looking for someone to just let me know I’m not alone!

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  • MzCatastrophe
    2 years ago

    You are definitely not alone! I am 32, however, I was diagnosed at 16. My main symptom was always constipation with nausea – two weeks was about average for me, too, and the longer it went, the more nauseous I’d get, to the point I couldn’t eat at all. A couple years ago I decided to give this gluten-free thing a try that everyone was talking about, and up my fruit and veggie intake on days I could manage it. Gluten-free was the absolute BEST choice I ever made, and now I only get that crippling constipation on occasions I can’t resist a cupcake, don’t drink enough water because of nausea, or eat too much sugar. Sugar is also a HUGE factor in my constipation, so I keep that to a minimum as well, or just eat fruit to satisfy the craving. I also have what they call “mild” Crohn’s, with little risk of complications as of right now. Concentrating on both when and what you eat, along with aligning your exercise schedule, might help you if you’re like me. If you ever want to talk about it more in depth, I have the same handle on Instagram, you can DM me. Good luck <3

  • allievance author
    2 years ago

    It’s such a relief to know I am not alone! I’ve been trying my best to do gluten free recently. Also doing mostly paleo. I haven’t been exercising because I’m pregnant and am having some issues with even walking (yay).

    I’m inspired by your story. I’m going to try harder to really not eat gluten for at least 6 straight months and see if I start feeling better. I’ve lived with this constipation my whole life but it’s just recently getting worse. Could also be the pregnancy.

    I’ll find you on Instagram! Thanks!

  • LindaBeth
    2 years ago

    You are not alone, I was recently diagnosed with CD after a colonoscopy. I have no serious symptoms and the budesonide (entocort)seems to have taken care of the pain and cramping I did have. My Dr also told me my CD was minimal and didn’t think it would spread or increase much(at this stage in life…I’m 68). I feel very fortunate especially after reading horror stories others have experienced. I’m currently trying to figure out the best things to eat to hopefully keep me we’re I am. I have found that greasy food bothers me a lot causing bloating and gas as well as some cramping.
    Having said all of that I need to back up and say that in 2001 and in 2011 two separate Drs had told me I had CD but I brushed them off because I had no symptoms. In August 2017 when I was told this I became a believer due to experiencing stomach pain pretty seriously on two occasions before my colonoscopy. Again I say “you are not alone”

  • allievance author
    2 years ago

    I was prescribed the budesonide as well. I didn’t take it because I found out I was pregnant. Glad to hear it’s helping! I was a little weary of steroids but if this gets worse after the baby, I may have to entertain other options.

    Hoping to see if changing my diet makes a difference first.

  • JasmineC
    2 years ago

    I was recently diagnosed at 61 after many years of intermittent pain after eating. Like Allievance, I experienced constipation and my quality of life was as bad as others I have read on line. The short story is I had anemia with blood in my stool. An endoscopy and colonoscopy revealed nothing. Swallowed two cameras to look at my small intestines. Guess what! The cameras never came out but I was functioning OK. So when I had surgery to remove the cameras it was discovered I had strictures so 18 inches of my small intestines was removed. I was then diagnosed with CD. Since then I am pain free and no constipation. I am getting use to my new plumbing. One doctor wanted me to go on Humira which I thought was extreme and declined. I am now on budesonide to control inflammation. I am not sure what to expect because I have never experienced the type of life altering pain and diarrhea that others have. Some days I have lower energy and my joint ache but most of the time I feel good. I guess we just need to take one day at a time.

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