Newly diagnosed Crohnie at 31

Early 2016 I started getting a sharp pain in my right lower quadrant of my abdomen. It always came every other month during when I would be ovulating. So I assumed I had an ovarian cyst and depended an ultrasound to make sure- despite my OBGYN saying it’s not the right area.

I was referred to a GI and landed my first colonoscopy at 30 years old. How fun!

Results came back with inflammation and just a few ulcers in my ilium.

It was not significant enough to diagnose me with anything so I was told I could go on medication for my symptoms. Which I promptly denied.

I have extreme constipation. When I went to that Dr it had been 2 weeks since having a bowel movement. Which is very typical for me. And has been for years.

Fast forward a full year and I had my 2nd colonoscopy (just this June in 2017). Results came back with now ulcer count having doubled to 8 and a little more inflammation– especially in the latter part of the colon.

Biopsies confirmed I had Crohn’s and here we are. I was told it’s a mild case and that it may stay mild my whole life and have no real complications.

As I look back on my diet over the past years this is what I notice: I was a vegetarian for 7 years (since 2008) and in October 2015 I started eating poultry again. Early 2016 I started getting these pains in my intestines and a year later I have Crohn’s Disease.

I have ZERO family members with this illness. Is there a correlation to diet and getting a mild form of Crohn’s? Who knows! I think it’s pretty interesting.

So I decided to try and find a support group for people like me. So far everyone I see online has the extreme case of diarrhea and needing blood transfusions or resections. But is there anyone else like me!?! I have never felt so alone in something before. No one understands what I am going through with the pain I get (I’m assuming flare ups) and no one understands the constipation.

Looking for someone to just let me know I’m not alone!


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