Nicole's Crohn's Story

Hi my name is Nicole and I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 1996. After numerous tests and being very very sick we finally got started on treatment. Had surgery in 1999 for a major blockage and had three feet intestine and some colon removed and was in remission for two years. Since then it's been one heck of a fight. Off and on steroids and other meds but nothing really worked for a long period of time.

Just within the past year my Crohn's has moved basically all the way down and is at its worse. I developed a fistula about 5 months ago and had surgery to try and repair it. I am currently dealing with a seton drain and in treatment to start on remicade. I really hope that will do wonders and help me through this recent set back. It has been a long hard fight but that's about all you can do.

Have hope and always keep fighting.

I would love to see more awareness brought about of this invisible disease and have more people understand just what we all go through daily. It's a hard disease to deal with daily and I try to lead a normal life the best I can but it certainly tries to win and take over. I do the best I can do but it makes it near impossible to work as jobs do not understand the breaks we need. The days of feeling so bad you can't get out of bed. I have lost numerous jobs to employers not understanding the things that happen with Crohn's. That's one of the many things I would love to see happen. More understanding of the fight we fight daily and for our entire lives.

I hope for a cure someday so others will have an easier time. I am a wife and a mother of two and I'm glad I have a supportive family. My mom has been my rock and with me through this whole thing and I couldn't thank her enough for the care she has unselfishly given over the years. I pray for those without the support and help I've had. I can't imagine not having the love and help I've had. I hope I can lend a caring ear to anyone that needs it.

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