Recent diagnosis after 5 years

Hello all. I’ve recently joined this page and I just wanted to say how much reading other people’s stories and similar struggles has helped my mental health in wrapping my head around my recent diagnosis of Crohn’s.

I’ve had ongoing symptoms for the past 5 years. Initially they were thinking endometriosis but as I’m a health care worker currently working in emergency, I had the luck of stumbling into a great gastroenterologist. Post an emergency visit myself where inflammation on a CT result, followed by 3 scopes, and an MRI since Feb 2020, we finally got some positive biopsies (inside was all “normal” in appearance). They showed mild-moderate Crohn’s although my symptoms seem to be that of someone with severe Crohn’s.

I’ve tried a few different meds and am currently on immunosuppressants. My worse symptoms seem to be nausea and the pain. I’ve been doing a lot of research and am intrigued if anyone is on CBD oil treatment or know anyone on it and how they are doing? Unfortunately, being on the immunosuppressants means I can’t work as a nurse in emergency, which is my dream job that I’ve only been doing for a year, and would like to continue to do so! So, I’m open to all other treatment options.

Thanks guys! And thanks for sharing your story.

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