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Did I walk around smelling all day?

“I would just want to crawl in a hole and die if I walked around smelling like sh*t. Even worse if others noticed it.”

My God I would be so embarrassed and if that was the case, and as of today I still don’t know if it is. I constantly had the urge to go #2, but when I get to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. nothing happens.
Wow, this really effected my social life in a huge way. I was insecure and kept away from people that I enjoy associating with. Oh man, at work, in a small office with the doors closed would be the worst. I kept thinking how humiliated I would be if I was smelling like sh*t.

I would even ask some of my closest friends, privately, if I smelled and they would always tell me “no!” But I just didn’t believe them because the way I was feeling, seemed like it was impossible that I didn’t smell. So I always thought they were just lying to me to avoid hurting my feelings.

But I will do anything and everything to stop these urges. I am stressed out about this and need some help. Can someone please help me? I will die from humiliation soon.

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  • felicityparry
    11 months ago

    hi @jnnfrsp!

    YOU DO NOT SMELL IN ANYWAY OF SH*T! i would put major money on that, and i dont even know you. i go to the toilet myself at my worst point up to 20 times a day and i never worry about smelling. #1 unless you have fully pooed yourself, you arent going to smell. look at dogs for example they run around without any barrier between us and their ar*e-h*les and they dont even wipe, and we dont smell any crazy smells for the most part!
    this worry is most probably what is setting off a lot of these urges to begin with, i know stress is a MAJOR trigger for me, even seeing an email from a lecturer (im in uni) can set me off instantaneously. if you’re really worried about smelling (which im sure you dont at all) carry a perfume in your bag and after going to the toilet give yourself a quick spray (i like pink sugar by aquolina, if you like very sweet smells, its so strong and you will getb loads of compliments i asure you and this should give you a confidencve boost and the assurnace you do not smell!) also carrying wipes with you in your bag can be helpful to give yourself a freshen up if you are feeling extra paranoid.
    i feel a real sense of embarrasment from you that you have this disease, and its although its a real sh*tty disease (pardon the pun), its NOTHING to be embarrassed about, i think you will find you can get a real sense of liberation and comfort from talking about it more openly or trying to make light of the situation and making jokes about it even if thats just to yourslef in your own head for now, because i know if i couldnt laugh about it i would most certainly cry and thats no way to live! this is a life long disease (as of right now) and you have to make the choice whether you want to make that a life filled with happiness laughter and light heartedness (which i know is easier said than done) or embarrassment shame and solitude and i definitely know which one i would prefer!<3
    Reading your post has really touched me because i know how hard this can be, but this is just a regular chronic disease like any other only thing is the main symptom is to do with POO which many arent comfortable talking about, although it is the most natural thing in the world and everyone (even the queen- GOD FORBID) does it. the sooner you accept that, the better and i can assure you that being more loving and accepting of yourself will do you the world of good in many ways.
    i hope youre doing better and F*CK anyone who has anything to say or any opinions on you or your disease, because who cares about them!!! LIVE FOR YOU BABE <3 sending so much love and positivity your way, you are amazing, remember that!!!
    lots of love, stay smiling

  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @jnnfrsp

    I can assure you that you don’t smell. And especially if your closest friends agree, that’s even further confirmation for you to believe that you don’t.

    Unless you physically had an accident and have feces on you, you don’t smell. Or of course, unless you pass gas, but that is obvious. Every person on this planet has poop inside of them at all times. Don’t beat yourself over the idea that you smell, because it is false and you are just making yourself anxious. If you constantly feel like you have to go to the bathroom, that is a symptom of the inflammation in your gut. Don’t worry, everyone with IBD experiences this, and you are not alone. But in terms of being “smelly” you aren’t at all.

    Wishing you the best in the health!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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