Hello all. First time poster : )

I have been dealing with gi issues for a little over 2 years now. Very bad ones sadly. I have been scoped on 2 occasions twice down the throat and once from the rear. Doctors tell me it's not Crohn's or Colitis.

I'm not exactly sure what it is.

I'm here to maybe ask for some guidance as I am really at my wit's end.

I have lost my job my insurance and my home over this and my wife is terrified at this point.

So here goes, I have always suffered from depression and eating was my escape I was over 400 pounds and ended up with edema in my legs badly which sent me to the hospital. In the hospital I was given antibiotics for a tooth infection as well then I ended up catching CDIFF! The CDIFF was cured by more antibiotics and now here I am.

My GI issues have gotten worse and worse to the point I can only eat potatoes, yogurt and bananas. As a 6'1 male I am barely 200 pounds now. I have been told this is all in my head, I have been told after multiple ct scans they can't find anything except some redness and irritation. I have been on over 60 medications in 2 years and still, nothing has worked.

Some of my symptoms include really bad gas after eating, to the point I can feel it rumbling in my bowels. Burning in my bowels 30 minutes to an hour after I eat. Severe headaches and eye redness. Terrible rashes that can sometimes cover almost my entire body. ( Which for some strange reason I was given prednisone and it cleared up almost instantly)

If I take an NSAID I'm in bed for days. Antibiotics now give me excruciating pain.

Horrible cases of fatigue and weakness, Very VERY bad abdominal pain. What I can only describe as what feels like tremors in my legs.

This is all after eating and also bad enough that it has sent me to the hospital on multiple occasions.

If anyone can offer me any kind of help or feedback I could possibly use even if it's just how they finally got diagnosed or things I may not be saying right to the doctor's? Anything at all I would be forever in your debt.

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