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Sharp pain, burning sensation, Please advise!

Hi everyone ,

I’m writing to everyone here …
Very briefly..;
I have been diagnosed with mild proctitis in March then with chronic colitis in May 2018.

My life since February 2018 is horrible. I’m in chronic pain 24/7
Stabbing , sharp pain on my left side ( lower abdomen ) . As a female just like everyone out there would think that is something related to my uterus… I have seen many gynaecologist and nothing … finally I decided to have a laparoscopic surgery just to ‘ rule out’ the possibility of having Endometriosis..

Now I’m still in so much pain and the gynaecologist confirmed that there is nothing abnormal in my uterus so I’m back to the gastroenterologist…
Since April I have this burning sensation in my vagina ( I’m assuming is because of the inflammation)
My faceal cp was 560 in April and I had a sigmoidoscopy then a colonoscopy privately …finally end of May I was diagnosed with a chronic colitis.

Now I can not spend anymore money on private health care and the medicine I have been given ( salofalk , asacol stopped the bleeding but I’m Still in pain.I have been taking painkillers since January 2018 and I never had a single day without NSDAs etc .

I really don’t like these drugs and I am also aware of the side effects.

I am going to see a specialist soon but I just want to be pain free.

Is there anyone who is experiencing this stabbing pain on the left side and the burning sensation?! What could you do ?

I feel hopeless , I have been mistreated and misdiagnosed many times .
I just want the pain to go away …
I do not have diarrhea but I’m bleeding through my back passage. I’m really worried is there any other medication that could reduce the inflammation and the pain!???

Thank you for all your support !

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  • nfro
    1 year ago

    Hi! I’m experiencing very similar symptoms. My appointment with my gastroenterologist is not until the end of next month. Did you ever find anything out as far as a diagnosis? I was thinking I had two different issues but now am wondering if they are related. Thanks!

  • Brooke Abbott moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi @sophia1990,

    This sounds similar to the pain I experienced with Left Sided ulcerative colitis. As women, IBD can affect our reproductive organs and processes. It is important to have a GI who is a IBD specialist specifically, and an OB who is familiar with IBD or GI related issues and how they correlate.
    OTC gas pills, mint tea and other gas relief related tools have helped me. As well as heated pads, OTC topicals like a ben gay or Topricin have also helped. But it sounds like you are in the middle of a flare and need medical attention. So, I hope that a visit from the GI will provide some answers. In the mean time try hydrating more and adding a ORS to your water to help with your electrolytes because dehydration can also cause severe pain.

    I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. Please keep us up to date with what is happening!
    (Team Member,

  • Pam.Kingsland moderator
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, Sophia. I’m so sorry to hear all of the pain you’re having. I hope some community members can chime in with some of their own experiences. I hope you find some answers and relief soon. Please let us know how it goes with your specialist visit. We’re here for you and thinking of you. Best, Pam (team member)

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