Diagnosed in 1970, Still Suffering

Diagnosed in emergency surgery in 1970 at age 22. I have been through hell and back for 51 years.

The toll of Crohn's

I have Crohn's disease and that name did not exist when I was diagnosed. I have 3 feet of small intestine including my stomach, duodenum, and less than half of large bowel.

I now suffer from multiple illnesses ALL related to Crohn's. Retinal hemorrhages, cataract surgery, osteoporosis (very painful), stage three kidney failure, skin problems, and dentures.

I have lived and been treated in California, St. Louis, Minnesota, Illinois, and now NE Medical Center.

Crohn's is challenging, but hang in there

I am a retired RN. I have two grown children who have allergies. One with IBD.

I do ok. I live at home and do all activities but in pain. CBD not helping.

Hang in there everyone. There were no good drugs when I was young. I have had 9 bowel resections. I am still hanging in there. Depressed? Yes, I have bad days. That is my story.

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