Still Undiagnosed IBD?

My first experience came on two years ago. I very quickly and suddenly felt very unwell. I had diarrhea which lasted hours, then the bleeding and vomiting started. I went to AE as it wasn't stopping.

I was diagnosed with pancolitis. A few months later I was severely constipated and generally unwell. I went to AE again and was diagnosed with left sided colitis. I am taking meds for IBD which help, but unfortunately I keep going into flares every few months.

I have had all the tests and lost lots of weight, but the spasms are the worst. I still haven't properly been diagnosed, but they are still treating me with IBD meds. I'm confused.

I've been waiting for the next flare so my poop can be examined again, which always shows raised. It will be three years this December and I'm still not diagnosed. 😒

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