When I was 14 in 1974 I had my first colostomy. I had so much abdominal pain in my stomach and I could not hold anything in my stomach, it all came out vomiting. Doctor did surgery and I had my first colostomy. Doctor's were able to reverse the colostomy until 1986 when I had surgery again for abdominal pain and had to have another colostomy (still a Sigmoid colostomy) and a fistula in my rectal area for drainage of pus and sometimes blood.

I have not had the colostomy reversed yet and doctor's told me to leave well enough alone if I could live with the colostomy bag. I have had Scopes every year since, and they are always finding inflammation, and I have been on tons of medication. Now I am on Budesonide and Sterela for my Crohn's, and yearly scopes. My Physician Assistant I see wants me to do a zoom meeting with another doctor that deals with Crohn's from Dartmouth in Connecticut. Hopefully we can find answers to whether we are on the right track with my Crohn's medication. I have good days and some bad days. I feel weakness in my stomach and have urgent drainage from my rectal area while still having the colostomy. Sometimes it is blood especially after drinking alcohol, so I am in recovery for not drinking alcohol and I am fighting the cigarettes addiction- hoping to quit those nasty things. I am 61 years old and I want better health!!!!!!

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