This story is for anyone who may need it. Hope you find peace.

I would begin by saying that in 2017, my symptoms of UC began and I had no idea that it would lead me to a journey of physical and mental pain that I had to endure. Abdominal cramps, burning sensation, blood and fatigue. A colonoscopy and diagnosis of UC from the doctor initially provided relief. I thought to myself, "hey now that we've got the name of the disease, I can finally be prescribed medication and my life will go back to normal quickly"...sorry 2017 version of wrong I was.

Medication after medication kept failing me

Aminosalicylates, Imuran, Steroids (only allowed short term). I was put on Remicade on Jan 2020 and even that didn't work as expected as I flared twice and was put on steroids alongside it. During this point my optimism, willpower and positivity was drained. The depression I suffered during these times was so bad I strongly believed that "this is it, this is the time to take my life". Things were very dark indeed, for some reason, I decided to hold off suicide. Why? At the time I didn't believe my life would get any better, so I chose to live in spite of anger (envy of all healthy people around me, angry at life for putting me here like this, I don't even know why I thought this was the right way).

This doesn't sound like a great uplifting story that anyone would want to hear, so why did I type this?

Let me tell you why!!!!!

Remission with UC is possible

For some weird reason when I contracted Coronavirus in February 2021, the symptoms of Corona somehow put the Colitis at bay, where as before nothing else had really done anything such as diet change, medication dose change, lifestyle change etc. Is this a coincidence? Could I be wrong? Maybe it is, but I know that now since the week I had Corona, I have got my life on track. No symptoms, no depression and my life is near on track to being how it was pre colitis (well I guess I'm still on medication so that won't go haha). I would consider myself to be in remission, something I had yearned for since I started getting the symptoms in 2017. THAT'S A 4 YEAR WAIT!!!! Am I cured? No, not really because who knows whenever it could or might be back but the future isn't promised to no one so I don't fear it.

I guess this story is for the people who feel like their condition isn't getting better despite diet or medication change or lifestyle change. I gave up hope in 2019 but less than 2 years later, look at how things have changed. So I guess, even when hope is lost... life might throw you some. I plan to live my life to the fullest and enjoy the freedom I have from this disease for now.

P.S - my condolences to everyone who lost anyone to Coronavirus. I am not saying get the virus to find relief by any means, just simply that from contracting the virus (something I feared), look how my life has u-turned instead to something better. Peace!!!!

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