IBD and Cancer

I am exhausted and scared.

I recently came home from a month in hospital because of frequent and painful rectal bleeding.

My ulcerative colitis flare revealed cancer

An endoscopy found severe inflammation (my ulcerative colitis) and a tumor, although impacted constipation prevented the procedure from being successful. They have now put me on IV Infliximab, which is reducing the inflammation. Now, there is a lot less bleeding but more fecal matter, which is good because I have not had a normal bowel movement since before Christmas.

They gave me Picolax in the hospital to try and remove the impaction. I think it may have helped, but I am still having many bowel incontinence events every day. Sometimes I will have four in an hour. Every one of them is extremely painful, despite taking Gabapentin, Tramadol, and Paracetamol.

How I'm managing now

I also have a large collection of plastic bags containing incontinence pads (I also have bladder incontinence due to having a catheter for a month in the hospital). The local council has registered me for clinical waste bags, and I am just waiting for them to supply and collect.

I have an appointment for another endoscopy on April 8th, where they will take deeper samples for biopsy. I should get those results at the end of April and hope they don’t find any more tumors.

After that, I will get an appointment with the surgeon to discuss next steps.

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