You WILL get through this!

Diagnosed with CD at age 25, still in graduate school and after 3 years in the army (!). Finally had surgery in 1985 (2 resections) but still suffer today.
Nevertheless, a successful career in business and as a professional musician, actor, university instructor, and city planner—not easy since I had to cancel or postpone many activities. Advanced open water scuba certificate (the fish don’t care what you do in the water!) and English teacher in China (avoiding squat toilets for nearly a month).

The point is: YOU can do this, too.

I treat IBD as a giant inconvenience and plan accordingly. I know things may look bleak but someday—I hope—you’ll look back at what you accomplished, too. Your friends, families and co-workers will understand (mostly) and I’m positive that every day we get closer to finding cures or better treatments.

Hang in there!

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