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I'm told there's nothing wrong with me

  • By kmwiltsey

    I’ve had symptoms for years but it wasn’t anything chronic. Every once in a while since I had my last son in 2006. He was a c-section so I thought that maybe they didn’t put everything back correctly. They did.

    It started getting worse the last 5 years. Most of the time it’s a “normal” diarrhea. Lately, it’s been completely liquid. Nothing solid whatsoever. Today I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes since 5 am.

    The only cramping I ever had was when I was getting my period. I’ll tell you though, my period made this a whole lot worse.

    I’ve always been anemic. I was diagnosed when I had my oldest in 1987. Nothing was ever done about it.

    I have high blood pressure which runs throughout both sides of the family. I have mild arthritis. I also have hypothyroidism. I take meds for the blood pressure and thyroid. I am also on prescription iron and potassium supplements. My levels were low and have since evened out.

    I had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy 2 years ago. They found absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. It doesn’t matter what I eat. Even though I am careful, I’m right back in the bathroom.

    My doctor is trying to tell me that this is anxiety or stress based since the tests showed nothing.

    The weird thing is that I can feel it gurgling through my intestines. Sometimes it’s so bad other people can hear it. Like when you’re hungry you can hear your stomach growl.

    I’m at the point where I’m afraid to eat anything. I had to quit working because of all this.

    Thanks for reading.

  • By Amanda Osowski Moderator

    Hi @kmwiltsey,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry for all you’ve gone through, but want to make sure you know you’re not alone! It took me several years from symptom onset to diagnosis as well, many tests (including colonoscopies/endoscopies that were “normal”) and a lot of providers telling me it was in my head. If you haven’t had the pill cam test, I’d suggest it to your doctor. That’s how my small bowel Crohn’s was found!

    When I was afraid to eat, I found some success with protein drinks like Ensure or Vega (vegan protein shake), and often could manage like baby food (for variety). I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this right now and I hope it gives you relief soon!

    Rooting for you!

    Amanda (team member)