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Colonoscopy was “normal” but I’m not?

For years I have been having GI symptoms. From not being able to finish a meal without having to urgently run to the bathroom, almost daily nausea, and most recently lower left abdominal pain. My stool tested positive for blood, but I had a colonoscopy today and afterwards the doctor came in, while I was still extremely groggy, and said it was normal and there was nothing wrong. So now what? My doctors have dropped my complaints without actually doing anything about my pain or explaining the blood in the stool. I think it’s because I’m young, 21, that they are ignoring my issues. What should I do?

  1. So sorry to hear this .

    Do you know if they took any biopsies? And have you had CRP and Calprotectin tests done?

    - Sahara (team member)

    1. Hi Sahara, thank you for responding! No I do not think they took any biopsies and I don’t think I’ve had either of those tests done. Both doctors I’ve seen for this (general and GI) have been very disbelieving that I have any issues and are hesitant to test. I am waiting for a call from one of them to talk about my colonoscopy but I don’t think they are going to reach out.

      1. I know how frustrating it is !
        I always chase up if I don't hear when I should have. Defo mention the CRP and Calprotectin as both of these can be a good indicator of IBD. CRP is done via bloods, and Calprotectin via a stool sample, so it's not much effort on their behalf to arrange those for you.
        – Sahara (team member)

    2. Hi ,

      I'm so sorry. I know this feeling (and frustration) all too well! There are several other tests, like Sahara mentioned, that can help identify problems in the gut. For me, my colonoscopy was "normal" but the Pill Cam/Capsule Endoscopy test diagnosed me with small bowel Crohn's disease.

      Here are a few accounts of the Pill Cam being used in diagnosis:

      & a few other similar questions to yours from our community members

      Thinking of you & sending you warm wishes,
      Amanda (Team Member)

      1. Thank you for your reply Amanda! I will definitely be mentioning a Pill Cam test next time I speak to a doctor!

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