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For men definitely testosterone is huge over 90 %


  1. Hi , thanks so much for starting a forum here! I'm not sure I'm fully understanding your comment. Are you talking about taking testosterone as a treatment for IBD? I did a quick google search and it does look like there's been some research on people with low testosterone and an IBD that may be connected to inflammation. (I'm sharing a link to an abstract from one study, I would point out, however, that this was a study with 92 participants and I'm not sure if the study has been done elsewhere with similar results. I'd also be curious if, in addition to labwork numbers going down, if the participants also noticed a decrease in sympoms.

    Is this something that you have personal experience with? Looking forward to hearing more about this. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    1. thanks Christine I have 21 years personal experience and its massive .all men with crohns or UC should be checked and put on a regemint it's all about recovery getting best out of food sex drive the whole lot wish it was that simple for women but I'm looking into major hormones in women and wot does wot any questions id love to help kindcregards Danny

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