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How does weather affect your IBD?

Do you notice a change in your IBD when a new season hits? Are some seasons worse than others? When the weather turns how do you manage your symptoms? Share your stories and tips with others in the community!

  1. I HATE IT when the weather changes!!!! I use to be able to handle when it got to hot or cold but now if I get to hot from the heat or to cold from the weather my Crohn's Disease goes into overdrive and I get so sick and it usually takes me about a week or two to get straightened back out. But if it's to warm outside it's best I just stay at home in my air conditioned house. The cold weather I can deal with a lot better because if I get to cold I can warm back up and be fine. It's bad what us with IBD diseases go through and hopefully one day there will be a cure and no else will have to go through what we do!!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing Randa! It does sound like weather definitely impacts your IBD but I'm glad you have some strategies for dealing with it when you can! We appreciate you sharing your story and hope you'll keep us posted. We're here if you need a shoulder or just some information. - Susan ( Team Member)

      1. Climate has a great effect in IBD. During hot weather you can drink a lot of water to maintain hydration.

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