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How long after your diagnosis were you put on a biologic?

If you are on a biologic for your IBD, can you let me know how long after your diagnosis you started the biologic med? This anecdotal info will help me with a project I’m working on— thanks in advance! (If you want to tell me what biologic you started on and the meds you tried before that, I’d also appreciate those details!)

For an example:

  1. When I was first diagnosed I was put on a medication to which I don’t recall the name. I was diagnosed with very mild Ulcerative Colitis at the time. Fast forward 7 months and my symptoms got severely worse. Had another colonoscopy and the doctor told my my entire colon was inflamed. She put me on Humira. But I was started on prednisone immediately because it takes about a month or so for the Humira prescription to be approved, processed and delivered to my house. Once I started the Humira I stopped the prednisone. Hope this helps!

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