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I have no idea what to do now.

Last year I had to take an antibiotic course for an infection. After the course finished I started having multiple bowel movements with mucus and cramps. Everyone told me that it was just ibs and nothing serious but after a lot of back and forth i got a sigmoidoscopy. They found ulcers and the biopsy revealed it to be follicular proctitis. I was given mesalamine at that time but i did not take it because i was terrified of medicine because to me it all started because of meds. So fast forward to present, it have been a little more than a year and i am having the same symptoms. Well i am actually doing a bit better, especially if i am not stressed as k suffer for anxiety. I am also not on any medications. But since the diagnosis i am being haunted by the face that i am just wasting the little bit of good luck that i have by not taking the meds. I spend days looking for alternatives but i dont find any. All of this might seem silly but i really am terrified of taking the drugs. Plus my father has cancer and my mother is also suffering from severe anxiey disorder, so basically everything is wrong. There is also no hospital in my state do if i do have any sort of adverse reaction i am done for. There is also no blood in my stool as far as i can see and my condition isnt really that bad but what i am terrified about is the fact that i am letting the disease progress by not taking the medication.I would greatly appreciate all the feedback as i am genuinely terrified to death about all of this mess.

  1. Sorry to read you are struggling so much at the moment . Honeslty, I can't tell you what to do. All I can tell you is what I would personally do, which is take the medication. But, that's coming from someone who has had UC since 2007, seven abdominal surgeries and no end of treatments. The ONLY brief periods of remission I had 2007-2014 were induced by treatment or surgery. As you say, my thoughts were always just to get the disease in remission ASAP, rather than giving it time to progress. That said, my disease did progress very rapidly, chance the need for surgeries.
    All I can suggest is talking through your concerns with a doctor. Best of luck. I hope you work out <3

    - Sahara (team member)

    1. ps google apricot kernels for cancer

      1. SLIPPERY ELM EXTRACT google it. it really worked for me. its natural, no meds etc

        1. Do you take a good probiotic? Also, I just started seeing an Applied Functional medicine Dr who is a licensed internist, and she has me taking this product by maker Metagenics ultrainflamxplus 360* and some other powder by Ortho Molecular products called SBI protect powder and frankly I thought oh sure, sell me your stuff and I am 2 weeks into it and feeling better! I noticed the difference by day 2. I add it to my smoothie it is great! You can by it on Fullscript website. I think Chiropractors can get it if you have one. Good luck! I have a 2 week follow up tomorrow, I hope my inflammation markers are down. I'll let you know if its helped!

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