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I need help before he is worse

Hi there I'm new and need help. My son at age 5 started getting sick a ton he would projectile puke across the room for long time periods and this happened so much that he learned to sleep right through it. He would literally puke asleep.. the Dr's kept telling me it was his nerves. After a few years the symptoms went away (so I thought).at around age 8-9 he started getting bumps that smelt and tasted like straight poop and would gag everyone in the room. Of coarse he was sickened by it and looked at grossly. That's when the stomach mess of tums pepcid pesto and whatever else started and still, "it's just nerves" I was being son had gained weight at age 9 and was a 42 by age 12 but then by age 13 I watched my boy wither away, I've been so scared he is no 17 and is a size 26 in men's and they don't really make that. He can't eat without the disovable tablets before meals and a prilosec daily or he will be screaming in pain and purfusely throwing up until we get him to the hospital and they get the stomach to calm and then home with mess and right bk at it... we're waiting to see a GI but I'm so scared for him and just want answers can anyone help me? No real test have been done besides a CT and xray and blood work. It's just so sad

  1. Hi . I'm sure it is difficult to see your son struggle. It is good to hear that he is planning on seeing the gastroenterologist. I need to note that we are not medical professionals and, for your protection, cannot give medical advice over the internet. That said, in preparation for that appointment I want to share with you this article from our editorial team on the diagnostic process: I also want to note that if it is a while until the appointment is scheduled, you may want to see if the doctor has a cancellation list your son can get on to potentially move the appointment up. I also want to share with this article on weight loss with IBD:
    It is great that your son has you advocating on his behalf. This article from our patient leader Natalie is for the parent of a child diagnosed with IBD: Really hoping your son gets some answers and relief soon. Please feel free, if you like, to keep us posted and to ask additional questions. Best, Richard (Team Member)

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