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Hi guys any help and advise please would be a great help. Long story short I am in the middle of been tested for Ibd I have all the symptoms and my doctors have also said it looks this way. SO just looking for advice on managing this condition. I have been doing some research and found that a good diet can help reduce symptoms but I have been a unhealthy eater for years I need to make changes ASAP can someone please help need to no wot to eat an wot I can't any advice would be very welcome thanks

  1. Hi , thanks so much for reaching out! Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating parts of inflammatory bowel disease is that everyone is different when it comes to how they manage this condition. What one person can tolerate eating might be completely different for another person, making it very difficult to say what you, specifically, should or should not eat. This condition also comes with a lot of trial and error! Some members have resorted to keeping a diary of what they've eaten and how they feel after. This could be helpful to determine what triggers your symptoms and what does not.

    We have heard from many community members that sticking to a BRATS diet can be helpful (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, soup) during or after a flare, but again, this isn't the same for everyone.

    I'm including a Featured Collection of articles that we have on our site with many articles written by our advocates. Many of whom have discussed foods that have been either helpful or harmful.
    I'm also including a link to info regarding symptom management:

    I hope this helps to provide some further insight! Please feel free to reach out to us anytime and keep us updated on how you're doing! -Pam (team member)

    1. Thank you so much for ur feedback I have checked out the links and they are very helpful thanks

      1. For me personally, I find that wheat makes me really sick so I try to stay far away. Also I eat minimal sugar and keep dairy to a minimum. Overall, it's just best to stay away from processed foods and I try to eat organic when possible, especially when it comes to protein. -Elizabeth (team member)

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