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IBD Emergency Kit

Do you have an IBD Emergency Kit? And if so, what do you keep in yours?

  1. Immodium, lomotil with atropine
    Baby wipes, spare underwear, life savers for dry mouth after taking the meds. Bottled water to prevent dehydration

    1. I actually wrote a blog post about it on my personal blog! Some of the things I have include:
      A bag to carry items.
      Extra pair of pants and underwear.
      A towel for any cleanup that may be needed.
      My Medical Alert Restroom Access Card.
      Small bottles of water. This is for cleaning purposes and to take medicine if needed.
      Medical examination gloves. These can be obtained in any medical section of the grocery store or pharmacy. I have these so I can handle any soiled items without too much of a problem.
      Baking soda (this will absorb odors and extra liquids for easier cleanup). I will sprinkle this into a trash bag with any soiled items.

      1. Hello! I am newly diagnosed. I was wondering where you get a Medical Alert Restroom Access card and what (besides the obvious) it is used for. 😀 Thank you!

        1. Hi Tberry,

          I'm so sorry for our delayed response! You can find a Medical Alert Restroom Access card through a few different resources, some of them are non-profits, and some are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies . The Crohns and Colitis Foundation has some resources related to this, but one of our advocates, Sara Ringer, provides a list of great options on her site here:

          I hope this helps!

          Thanks so much for being a part of the community! -Stephanie ( Team Member)

      2. That's a great tip Colitis Ninja.

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