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Is this likely of ulcerative colitis? Stool pics included.

Hey, I'm 28M and I've had IBS-related symptoms ever since I was a child.

Never had blood ever, though.

My stool has been more on the mushy side. Sometimes some of the stool will kind of disintegrate when it lands in the water instead of holding form.

My normal routine is that I've only been doing 1 bowel movement a day consistently in the mornings usually right after I wake up from sleeping. Sometimes, I'll do a smaller BM during the evening as well, but my morning BM is always consistent.

I do apologize in advance if posting a stool pic link isn't allowed here! Here is the link to my stool pictures for the past 2 weeks:

That being said, since early March- I have not been eating a lot of meat (except chicken on some days). I've been focused mostly on veggies like brussel sprouts, kale, and bok choy.

Is this a strong indication of inflammation? If so, at what point should I be testing for ulcerative colitis and/or Crohn's?

I had some recent blood tests and CRP was <0.3mg and ESR was around 7mm/hr. Everything else was normal as well.

  1. Hi, I hope you're doing well.
    You mentioned that you had IBS symptoms but didn't write about pain. If you have stomach pain, please do take a blood and stool test. Take an MRI if needed.
    Inflammation means pain and diarrhea. Blood or mucus in the stool is an indication of severe inflammation, ulcers, or colon cancer. Meaning, you do not have to have blood in your stool to be diagnosed with IBD. I had ulcers and Crohn's, so I did have blood, in addition to excruciating pain. I had about 10 bowel movements in a day and woke up at night to use the bathroom.
    You wrote that you're eating healthy, which is good. If you are in pain or feeling gassy, I suggest you cut down on fibrous foods. You said you eat vegetables like Brussell sprouts, kale, and bok choy" this may contribute to your soft stool. If you want to harden it up, I suggest sticking to non-fibrous foods. Also, fatty meat, fried and spicy foods are bad for a sensitive gut.
    I am sorry that I did not look at your stool images. Honestly, I gag when taking a stool test.
    I hope that you will find the root of the problem soon. Be well, and please send an update when you find the solution.

    1. The only way to diagnose Crohn's/Colitis as far as I'm aware is via a gastroenterologist. You need to have a procedure done. It can also be determined via surgery. One procedure that is often used is a colonoscopy. It also may be able to be determined via MRI-E or CT Scan. It is hard to say whether you should go in for this testing (a blood test alone is sometimes not enough). It really depends on how bad you feel your symptoms are. If it was me, and it was a persistent thing, which it seems to be, I'd get tested just to rule out any issues and get a treatment for what you are the event there is something that can be done.

      Be Well,
      Matt (Team Member)--

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