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Medical Insurance for Crohn's disease

Hi everyone,
What medical insurance is the best for those that aren't eligible for Medicaid?
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 2 years ago, and I have Medicaid. It's the best thing because I don't have to think about copays. Now I have completed my college degree and am applying for jobs for next year with a higher salary.
I'm researching insurance policies, but I'm getting stuck. I don't even know where to start! I'm on Humira right now, and I have no interest in paying a copay! Any advice?

  1. Hello ! Thank you for your question! I hope our community members will weigh in with their experiences and advice but I wanted to pass on a few suggestions as well:

    1. Ask your doctor! Sometimes doctors will have knowledge about options that are available that those living with a condition are unaware of or can help make changes that will make the medications more affordable.

    2. Talk to your insurance company! This one may seem counterintuitive but we have had some community members who have had success talking directly with their insurance provider about the cost of their treatments.

    3. Go direct to the manufacturer! Some medication manufacturers offer patient assistance programs or support programs that include coupons, savings, or other programs that might help. I'm including a link here regarding patient assistance programs that may be helpful, as well:

    Let us know what you’re able to find and if anything helps! Sending well wishes, Pam (team member)

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