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Mezavant for Ulcerative Colitis / Rectum Pain

Hi I'm in day 5 of my UC flare and my stomach inflammation seems to have subsided by 60% however the pain in my rectum is actually unbearable. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with this.


  1. , I am so sorry to hear you have been in such pain. Are you feeling any better today? Have you had the opportunity to reach out to your doctor about this? I truly hope some of the pain has subsided. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

    1. , just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling today? Sending so many healing thoughts your way. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

    2. hi symptoms are still the same (it sucks) I start a salofalk enema tonight, so fingers crossed. Thanks for checking in

  2. I sit on an ice pack. Helps me alot.

    1. thanks I certainly give it a try

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