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A more natural source than strong medication for remission?

Hi all, I have been diagnosed with UC and currently under treatment with the NHS. They are planning to put me on biologics after being on a course of steroids.

I have also been paying for a nutritional therapist and currently a little stuck with what route to push for.

Do I keep paying a nutritional therapist and try to delay the biologics or do I give up and stick with the biologics and NHS treatment? Has anyone found a more natural source than strong medication to get into remission?

Any advice would be well appreciated.

  1. Thank you for the great question, !

    After not having response to a medication for longer than a few months years ago, to now being in remission, I want to share my experience with you, not saying it is the absolute right answer, but to give you some insight:

    I decided to work with a nutritionist in 2013 after failing my 4th biologic who helped me change my diet and lifestyle which was great, however, I still needed a biologic.

    I was put on Entyvio in 2015 and finally was declared in remission in 2016 after both taking the Entvyio and maintaining the lifestyle I had implemented with my nutritionist. And now, more than 4 years later, I am still in remission and doing very well. (I even became a nutritionist myself after seeing the success I had with a changed diet and lifestyle, but that is for another story haha).

    I think the best approach, in my opinion, is do take the holistic approach meaning both medicine and a more natural way, as I think fighting the disease with just one method is not enough, but when you combine the two methods, your body responds well.

    Again, this is just my own experience but the medicine alone did not do enough and changing my diet didn't get me to remission until l I found a biologic that worked for me. Hope this helps!

    --Julie (Team Member)

    1. I agree with Julie. For many trying both at once works well. That has been my approach too.

      In fact, I was seeing a holistic doctor who was also western. Basically, she was an M.D. who did holistic things and also was a licensed acupuncturist.

      She thus had skills in both worlds and could help me in multiple ways. Sadly, she retired, but the things I learned from her I still use today.

      Matt (Team Member)

      1. ,

        If you can, I would do both.

        In my personal experience, one without the other didn't work. I work with a GI and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. This has proven to be the best solution for me.

        -Elizabeth (team member)

        1. Thanks Matt and Elizabeth, thats great

          I was thinking that I was wasting my money as I have not been seeing any results but I will continue with both for now. Just did not want to go on biologics.

          Will see how it goes

          Many thanks

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