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Newly diagnosed UC / Alcohol / Loperamide

Hello. I’ve recently been diagnosed with lower left sided UC, and started taking Pentasa and Salofalk. I have a holiday planned soon and alcohol intake is likely to be increased. Is there any advice on taking Loperamide/Imodium to limit my runny movements?

  1. Hi It's best to ask your doctor. For me, I stopped drinking because of my Crohn's. I do take loperamide because of my ostomy and I take 3 tablets an hour or so before eating, but check with your doctor.

    1. I'm obviously far too late to respond to your question, however, I hope you managed to have a good holiday!
      I'd be interested to know how you got regarding the alcohol/loperamide ratio!
      - Sahara (team member)

      1. I saw here about loperamide and alcohol, and I am also very interested in whether this works together! Thank you

        1. As far as I know, definitely when you take antibiotics you cannot have alcohol. I'm not sure about Loperamide though. That would be something to ask your doctor about. -Elizabeth (team member)

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