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Recommendations for Eating Out (i.e. chain restaurants)

I am recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. What are some recommendations for things to order at popular chain restaurants. Please include any instructions you normally give the server.

  1. I was diagnosed with Crohn's back in 2011. Here are some tips I would suggest when eating out. For me a safe food is grilled chicken. Normally most restaurants have grilled chicken so I order it. Most of some sort of cooked veggie side dish. I would suggest staying away from raw veggies just because it's too much fiber. I always order water to drink. If you can tolerate bread then go for it. Overall, the simpler the meal the better. Stay away from complicated sauces, spice and overly processed stuff. I love fish, so if the restaurant has a fish option that tends to always go well for me.

    Overall, to be honest, when I am in a bad flare I cannot eat out. Everything triggers me and the way restaurants cook protein is usually with a ton of processed, cheap oils that cause major symptoms for me. But if you are in a place where symptoms are controlled, definitely enjoy your time out. Just order simple meals and you will be surprised how helpful restaurant staff can be, for the most part at least.

    I hope his helps some.

    Elizabeth (team member)

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