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Triggers for CD flares

Thanks Sahara Fleetwood Beresford
on relating your experiences of flares and identifying that individuals have different triggers.

My chief culprit appears to be extra activity that drains my energy probably causing stress that my brain refuses to admit!

Also, naturally, foods which sneak up on my gut inadvertently or through my own “testing” of foods in my personal banned zone. So, this is really a challenge to my gut, c’mon - I defy you to accept this food well! Silly, huh?

I just get so tired of restrictions to my lifestyle due to flares but at the same time feel that the required salve of rest and antibiotics humbles me…. Calls me to acknowledge my recurring frailty and accept imperfection.

  1. Hey.

    So sorry, ! I only just saw your post!

    I do understand the overexertion! I am actually living with the repercussions right now. I have been gardening. It's relatively new to me, as we moved last year in Feb, just before the pandemic truly hit. The garden wasn't secure for a while, so we didn't do much out there. It was actually January this year when my partner finally got it to a state where I could start doing things. I get carried away, often. I keep causing myself pain and exhaustion, and then need lots of recovery time! I am always preaching to people about needing to listen to your body and pace yourself, but I'm not actually very good at doing it myself! "Do as I say, not as I do." lol

    I also get tired of restrictions, so I push back, like I described above, and then regret it! I think many of us have those times where we just feel like we want to just do what we want to do and eat what we want to eat! Consequences be damned!!

    ~ Sahara (team member)

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