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7 Things to Do After a Crohn’s Hospital Stay

Staying at the hospital for an extended period of time is never ideal. Whether it's for a bad flare or something else Crohn's-related, being away from the comfort of your home can be the worst feeling.

Hospitals are just not known for being comfortable or peaceful places.

Being released from a hospital stay

I don’t know about you, but when I am released from the hospital to go home, it feels like Christmas Day. As I sign those release papers, I literally get gitty with excitement. I can’t wait to be free again!

No more fluorescent lighting, loud voices, or uncomfortable hospital bedding. It’s time to feel like a human again!

After being hospitalized over a dozen times throughout my Crohn’s journey, I have come up with a list of awesome things to do when you get freed from your hospital stay. Here’s what I have come up with:

1. Take a luxurious shower/bath.

Is this not the best feeling ever? Taking your first shower or bath at home since being held up in a hospital. Oh, it feels like heaven, doesn’t it?

I suggest making the process extra luxurious for your first time back. If you are going to shower, try playing relaxing music and dimming the lights. Perhaps even light some candles to create a spa-like mood.

I love to play relaxing jazz music and just sit under the warm water for a while. I even go the extra mile and drop some eucalyptus essential oil into the corners of the shower and let the steam create an amazing aroma.

For a bath, I suggest lighting candles as well, playing music, and adding Epsom salt. It is extremely calming and a good way to detox.

2. Enjoy fresh bedsheets.

Try to have a family member or friend head to your place and wash your bedsheets so that they are crispy clean for when you get home.

There is nothing like jumping into a bed of clean sheets for your first night back! It’s an absolute must. You can even get fancy and spray a refreshing linen spray over your pillow and sheets to create a pleasing aroma.

3. Eat a home-cooked meal.

I don’t think anyone is fond of hospital food. And after a couple of days living off of it, all you want is some good home cooking.

I would suggest asking a family member or friend to cook something for you on the day you get back. Whether that is homemade chicken soup or another favorite meal of yours, have it ready to go for when you get back from the hospital.

4. Get a manicure and/or pedicure.

I always feel so disheveled, beauty-wise, when I get back from being in the hospital. I always treat myself to a mani-pedi when I get home. It makes me feel put together again, and who doesn’t like to be pampered?

5. Get a haircut.

Maybe it’s just me, but going to the salon to get my hair washed, cut, and blow-dried is the ultimate best feeling!

My hair always suffers in the hospital. I usually have it in a high bun and don’t wash it unless I absolutely have to. So treating yourself to some hair care is always a good idea.

6. Use essential oils.

I love aromatherapy. I diffuse essential oils all the time when I am home, and you better believe it is one of the first things I do when I get back from a hospital stay.

Smelling pure oils is so therapeutic and you feel like you are in a spa.  I highly recommend trying it.

7. Sleep!

And last but not least, treat yourself to some amazing sleep!

I never feel rested in hospitals. You basically sleep when you can because 24/7 you are being bombarded by nurses and doctors. Sleep is never a priority.

So indulge in your comfy bed, shut those blinds, and don’t even think about setting an alarm for the next morning. Sleep in and let your body wake up naturally. You need it!

What else do you do when you get out of the hospital from a flare? We’d love to hear from you. Share below!

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