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"Sorry, I Can't Make It…" Blame It on the Crohn's

We've all heard of "FOMO" – fear of missing out – especially when we see others enjoying their care-free life while we suffer in silence, spending nights that we could be out with friends instead huddled up in bed with stomach pains and fatigue. But, what about "JOMO," or the joy of missing out? 

Have you ever not wanted to attend an event and were thankful you could blame it on your Crohn's symptoms? Or, maybe getting in bed by 9 p.m. to watch a movie is much preferred during the winter months when it is freezing outside.

I, personally, have found a mix of both FOMO and JOMO while living with Crohn's, and sometimes, I tend to rely on the comfort of my own home to a fault. 

I hated missing out because of Crohn's

However, during the course of my worst days with my disease, I huddled up in my apartment, scrolled social media, and saw what the other 20-somethings in my world were doing. They were going to bars, traveling, working out, shopping – all things that "normal" adults should be doing. 

But then there was me. Alone, tired, and miserable. I had FOMO to the highest degree and wanted nothing more to be part of the social scene that everyone else was a part of.

And then I got well. Soon after my 30th birthday, I was declared in remission, and I was able to enjoy all of life's pleasures. I traveled without relying on travelers insurance out of fear I would have to cancel last minute. I went to bars without worrying if I had to use a crowded bathroom urgently. And I had enough energy for an entire workout. 

My days of FOMO due to my Crohn's were mostly behind me, but a part of me started to miss those cozy nights in watching my favorite movies.

But now... I don't mind so much

Let's face it, we have all just wanted to skip out on an event, and using our Crohn's as an excuse is perfect. A simple "I'm not feeling well" text to a friend doesn't warrant any further explanation – it must be your Crohn's. 

Leave a party early without saying your goodbyes? Everyone just assumes it is because your Crohn's is flaring. We can absolutely use this to our advantage. Admittedly, I have used my Crohn's as a false excuse many times, but cozying up at home was too appealing and I couldn't bring myself to tell that to my friends.

Crohn's: social setback or excellent excuse?

Have you ever felt the "joy of missing out" and used your Crohn's as an excuse to not socialize? Or has living with Crohn's caused you to prefer staying in and skip out on social events? Do you have FOMO or JOMO?

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