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Crohn's Urgency and Having an Almost-Accident

Lately, I have been slacking with my diet, and whenever I do, my symptoms ramp up. Why has my diet been suffering, you ask? Well, life has become quite busy in the past weeks. I am in the thick of renovating my apartment and I have neglected time for proper cooking and eating well-balanced meals.

Slacking on my Crohn's diet

When life gets busy and stressful it is normal to want to lean on easy, quick meals. For me, that means eating out a lot. Ordering Uber Eats is an evil necessity. When you get home tired from dealing with a stressful day, the last thing you want to do is start cooking a meal from scratch. So meal delivery to the rescue. The problem with this is that it is too easy. It can quickly become something you rely on too much, and this is what happened to me.

I started to order out too much and soon my symptoms began to flare up. More frequent trips to the bathroom. Then stomach aches and urgency. The level of bad symptoms kept rising and I knew I had to get my act together with my diet. But being in the midst of a busy schedule with renovations I continued with the bad food options.

Of course the inevitable happened when I had to make a trip to the apartment to do some painting. I had eaten a bad option for breakfast and the drive from my current home to the new apartment was about 25 minutes.

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Crohn's urgency hits

Sure enough, as I was pulling into my parking spot the urgency hit. And it hit hard! Ugh, the sheer panic that goes through you when this happens is terrible. But sadly, I have gone through this so many times at this point, that I am very good at keeping my mind calm.

I think it is so important to breathe deep breaths. This is essential to keeping the urgency from getting to a point of no return. You must breathe calmly and keep your mind calm. In doing so, it was still so bad that I thought my best option was popping a squat in the parking garage behind my car. I mean that is a better option than getting my clothes dirty and then I could come back and clean up the mess.

Having an accident... almost

Fortunately, I was able to self-talk myself to get into the elevator and up to the lobby to use the public restroom of the building. Somehow I made it. But honestly, the only reason why I didn't have an accident was because this wasn't my first rodeo. I have so much experience with horrible intense flares in public that I consider myself a true veteran.

Again, breathing is essential. You must breathe and remain calm. Also, positive self-talk. In this particular case, I kept repeating to myself the following: "You can make it to the elevator. The bathroom is right there." And I kept repeating that over and over again. Positive talk really works.

Tips for potential Crohn's accidents

Just as a tip: I never leave the house without wearing a feminine pad. This acts as a protective layer in case you have some leakage, and all I have to say is I am thankful I always wear one. And finally, I think it is always smart to have an emergency bag with you in case things go south. Clean underwear, change of pants, wipes, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Being prepared for the worst is never a bad idea.

How about you? What helps get you through bad urgency while in public? Share below, we love to hear from you.

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