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With Crohn's, Healing Is Not Linear

Recently, I wrote an article updating my current health and it was not good. I had been on the upward trajectory for about 3 solid months, where I had put on weight like never before. I always struggled being underweight. Finally, for the first time in years, I was weighing 130 which is normal for me. What an ecstatic feeling to feel yourself again.

When you're finally feeling good!

In addition to the positive weight gain, I was tolerating more foods. I was able to work out on a consistent basis, which I never, ever was able to. And I just felt amazing really. My energy levels were wonderful and I was able to manage my day like I used to before my diagnosis. I could work, run errands, cook dinner, and not feel exhausted. Granted, I still dealt with symptoms here and there, but I was truly over the moon with my progress.

Finally! Finally, these meds were working and I could see my life shifting for the positive. I was starting to dream again and even think about training to dance professionally again. For those who don't know, I was a professional classical dancer and I had to cut my career short due to the severity of my Crohn's disease.  But the way things were going, I literally thought to myself: "I think I can try dancing again!"

Then your Crohn's healing goes off track

Then I got COVID-19. And everything changed. Symptoms ramped up again. I lost most of the weight I put on. Back to feeling skinny and weak. I started throwing up everything I ate. I felt chained to the washroom again and my fatigue kicked back in full gear. Washing dishes was now challenging.

To say this was frustrating is an understatement. It was like the rug was pulled from under me. I was doing absolutely amazing and starting to enjoy life again and in an instant, I was struck down.

I know many of you can relate to these manic twists we have to endure throughout this Crohn's journey. And I wanted to update you on how things are currently. I am proud to say, I AM BACK!

The many ups and downs of Crohn's

Back on the upswing. I am working out consistently yet again. My body feels strong. I am consistently putting on weight as I am underweight. I am eating well, taking supplements, juicing, getting sunshine. Wow! How utterly unpredictable things can be, right?

I just want to encourage you today if you were in my position. You started to feel great then you were struck down. You can't lose hope. And you can't lose the fight in you. When I reverted back to awful symptoms, I made it imperative to not get worse and end up in a hospital. So I tried new supplements, I revamped my diet, I made sure I rested and I lowered stress. And it worked.

Crohn's healing is not linear

I guess I just want to point out that healing is not linear. It is up and down and when you get to the down moments you can't lose focus. And if things are really severe, you need to ask for support and help so that you can improve. We can't do this alone.

So just know, it does get better. There was a time when I thought my life was over in the sense of adventure, career goals, and just leading a normal life. I had such a severe case and no meds worked for me. But to see where I am now, well, it gets me emotional on how far I've come. And this can be you too. You too can improve and although it doesn't happen overnight and although it takes tremendous effort, it can be done. Little by little. Step by step. Just don't lose hope.

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