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Helpful Hints for the Newly Diagnosed: Part 3

Helpful Hints for the Newly Diagnosed – Part 1
Helpful Hints for the Newly Diagnosed – Part 2


Organize with your HR department tentative time off. Be prepared and know your rights as a patient and as an employee. Choose to give HR only as much information as you’d like. Be on the front-end of the conversation. Hold your ground if you would not like to share more than you are being asked of. Protect yourself and your job.

Hospital Bag

Have one packed during your times of “do I go in? Do I not go in?” In these times of distress, the last thing you want to worry about it what to put in your bag.

Invest in a Good, supportive mattress, as well as a waterproof mattress protector

Life brings unexpected turns of events. If you live with IBD, you greatly increase your chances or risking a change of sheets every once in a while, especially with an ostomy. Grab yourself a foam or memory mattress topper and invest in the waterproof option. Your back will thank you during sleepless, restless nights on Prednisone. And your joints will suffer less if you invest in a supportive, comfortable option that seems best for your body. Don’t be afraid to test out a few!

Frozen meals for yourself and/or your family

You never know when your next hospitalization or flare will come on. But it’s nice to be prepared. There are simple and easy recipes on Pinterest and across the web that can help us to be more prepared when these last-minute situations come at us. I tend to overcook and freeze many large meals so that when I am fatigued, overrun and exhausted, I can pop something in the microwave or oven quickly and enjoy. When you’re fatigued and not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is go in a hot kitchen for hours to cook for yourself and your family. Be easy on yourself and crock pot some easy meals and pop them in the freezer for quick, easy meals that everyone can enjoy and you can later take credit for!

Bring wipes with you, everywhere

Ever travel globally to find that toilet paper is a thing that is definitely taken for granted back home here in the U.S.?? It’s not until you really need it while away from home that you realize “I should really carry some spare wipes” to feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Additionally, when you DO find yourself in a messy situation, sometimes the public toilet paper is atrocious and bad for your already burned out bottom. You’ll thank yourself by carrying a spare in your purse or your messenger bag.

So, what have we forgotten? Is there anything else you, a seasoned IBD veteran or newly diagnosed patient would suggest to other IBD patients? What are the go-to essentials that you live off of?

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