My Humira Diary: Month 3

Editor's Note: Response to treatments are different for every person. Please discuss any concerns about medications with your healthcare professional.

Welcome back to my Humira Diaries. You can read month 1 and month 2 before getting started. We're now starting this on Week 9 and hopefully, by the end of this month's diary, we will be at week 12 and have some idea as to whether it's working!

Week 9 taking Humira for Crohn's

I'm feeling a bit low this week as we're still not sure if it's working. I went to the hospital to get my Azathioprine levels and Humira levels checked. My doctor has offered to start me on weekly doses now but I just want to give it a little bit more time.

This month has been a really bad month for me. I've lost 3 grandparents to COVID in the space of a few weeks and I think the stress is making me flare.

I've decided to order some juices as juicing really helps my IBD usually but I just don't have the energy to make my own at the moment!

Can Humira affect your menstrual cycle?

This tenth week has been a lot better for me. My bowel movements are starting to become normal again and I just feel much better. I'm enjoying juicing and am not sure if it's just the Humira kicking in finally or the juice but it seems to be making a difference.

One thing weird about this month (and last month now I think of it) is my period seems to have changed since starting Humira (or perhaps from being on steroids and weaning off them?). I've spoken to my GP and since I just recently had a gynecological scan it's nothing to worry about.

The internet seems to suggest Humira can shift your cycle somewhat but it might also be the stress I've been experiencing. But this month my period lasted 9/10 days which was not fun!

Feeling much better at week 11

I've STILL not had my Humira blood test results yet but the good news is the Azathioprine is now working again according to my blood tests. After calling the IBD nurse, I realized how much better I'm feeling this week.

I'm having mostly normal bowel movements now and not really thinking about my toilet trips too much. You know when you can't really remember how many times you've been to the loo that it's a good sign because you're not even conscious or aware of it!

Is my medication working?

Next week is when I'm supposed to talk to my doctor about if my medication is working but I have had 3 appointments canceled due to COVID and no idea when I will have another one.

My Crohn's is in the ileum which can makes things tricky-neither blood or stool tests are accurate for me and it's only the pill cam that managed to find my last flare. Because of this, I've no idea if we'll test to see if this is working or just go on how I'm feeling. My problem is that even on Humira, lots of factors still seem to affect my IBD such as the foods I eat.

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