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Last updated: October 2022 recently hosted its second Instagram Live in our 4-week series "Let's Talk FOOD!" featuring our very own Crohn's Patient Leader Julie Palumbo. In this series, Julie tackles a variety of topics around food and IBD. Julie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who lives with Crohn's disease and works closely with individuals who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

In this Instagram Live, Julie talks about "All Things FODMAP." A diet low in fermentable carbs, the low-FODMAP diet is sometimes recommended to help manage IBD.

Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating parts of living with IBD is that everyone is different when it comes to how they manage their condition, including what they can or cannot tolerate eating. And as we're sure you know by now, IBD comes with a lot of trial and error.

In this Live event, Julie discusses the low-FODMAP diet as one of the many specific diets utilized by those with Crohn's or UC. She explains what it means for a food to be low- or high-FODMAP and how a low-FODMAP diet may help IBD symptoms.

Watch the Instagram Live video below!

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Tuesday, October 18 @ 2:00PM EST
Being Good to Your Gut

Tuesday, October 25 @ 2:00PM EST
Finding Your Foods

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