Mental Health and Self Care

Mental Health isn't just supposed to be talked about a few times throughout the year on the National Awareness Days, its for every single day but those days are meant to be a conversation starter when its such a stigmatized subject - and aren't we the experts on that subject!

Mental Health isn't a disorder or disease but an overarching title to get you thinking and to see it as a health issue and open the conversations.

We talk about our health so why not our mental health?

I've been told my whole life to stop whinging and just get on with it. I've been told my whole life that I'm a hypochondriac and an attention seeker. Even when I had my surgery as if that wasn't proof enough of how sick I was; I was apparently taking the easy road and hadn't tried all my options! Thats probably why I am now so sensitive to people and interviewers saying I "chose" to have surgery! GRR it was not an option!!!

I've questioned why I say I'm stressed all the time when I should just get on with it. I had to teach them a very valuable lesson that day...

I am stressed. I am anxious and I have a lot on my plate. In 2017 I had multiple deaths including my adoptive mum, losses, my daughter sick and pressure of working all with a bowel disease. I pointed out the fact that all this happened and I was allowed to talk about how I was feeling because at the end of the day the end result is exactly the same.

At the end of the day we all deal with the crappy situations, it's just the journey we take along the way. Some peoples journey are shortened by speaking openly and honestly with themselves and sometimes others; and some just keep it to themselves. THE END RESULT IS THE SAME!

I just communicate my road.

I'm not in a heap on the floor. I'm not starving my children of love or food and I eventually do my washing! So I do get on with it and I do get it done but I do it in my time.

There is all this nonsense about how long it should take people to accept and move on from stressful situations. I am a firm believer of the following...

Talk - talk about your journey. Find that safe person/s who you can talk to and don't judge, that give you that time and know that you just need a sounding board and a safe place.

Grieve -  Grief doesn't have to be the loss of someone. it can be the loss or significant change of something. Allow yourself the chance to feel it.

Feel - Like above, feel whatever it is you feel for as long as you need to feel it!! This one is the most important!

Move - You know deep down you will move again. You know that eventually there won't be so much darkness, so ride the storm with the right kind of support booeys!

Love - Only love and accept those who love you truly into your life. Don't let soul suckers into your life. Only accept the kind of love you would give to your best friend.

Counseling - The most expensive and valuable give you can give yourself! But remember that not every counselor is right for everyone! Sometimes you need to shop around - and that is completely okay!!

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