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Would you like to share your experience with Crohn's or ulcerative colitis and help others who are also living with the condition? We're looking to add new voices to our Patient Leader team and would love to meet you!

Our team

Our Patient Leader team consists of our contributors and moderators at InflammatoryBowelDisese.net. Contributors are asked to write 1 original article a month that focuses on sharing their personal experiences with IBD.

All Patient Leaders are compensated and no prior experience is required. Training will be provided.

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Perks of the role

Be a part of our Social Health Network with opportunities to participate in educational training, fun group activities, giveaways, conference support, a matching gifts program, and more.

How to apply

We'd love to hear more about your experience with Crohn's or UC. To apply for a contributor role, you can take the following steps.

If you're already a Social Health Network member:

  1. Go to socialhealthnetwork.com and log in
  2. Go to https://wegohealth.influitive.com/challenges/1519
  3. Apply!

If you're not yet a member of the Social Health Network:

  1. Go to socialhealthnetwork.com and click "Log in" to create an account
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  3. Once logged in, you can click the circle in the upper right corner to access "My Profile"
  4. In your profile, you can edit any element of your profile and customize your account settings
  5. Go to https://wegohealth.influitive.com/challenges/1519
  6. Apply!

More info

Reach out to contact@inflammatoryboweldisease.net with any questions.

Individuals who are selected for interviews will be contacted via email. Thank you for your interest in working with InflammatoryBowelDisease.net!

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